In Australia, renovating is known to be a dreadful process involving “blood, sweat and tears”. The one-dimensional renovating services offered by others often lacked knowledge of industry standards and consisted of various uncertainties making renovations feel like a never-ending daunting task.

It is estimated that one home renovation requires dealing, managing, liaising with over 200 individuals, and the due diligence alone can take 200 hours. This excludes back-and-forth communication, adjustments and disputes etc during the renovation process. A single renovation project can require up to 4.5 tons of materials, 600 quantities of inventory and the whole process including all aspects of design, construction, materials, property management, logistics, etc.

This is why EPLUS+ renovation came into action to fix the hole in the unmet market demand. Our one-stop overall home improvement and renovation service includes design, construction, and materials allowing the majority of clients to bypass the exhausting home renovating process to directly experiencing the joys of a newly renovated house.

We have successfully built a solid management system and streamlined the process to ensure each tailored project is completed to an exceptional level of finish. With better control of overall quality, reducing costs by up to 30% as well as improved efficiency, we have made the “28-day delivery” a reality. We have set a new benchmark for the new generation of the Australian home improvement and renovation industry.

EPLUS+ and I have a continuous mission in offering a consistent and down-to-earth service. We are committed to making every homeowner feel reassured, hassle-free, and more at ease during the renovation process. With accessibility to all, home improvements and renovations are no-longer an agonising process with EPLUS+.

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