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EPLUS Renovation is committed to proving a one-stop home improvement, renovation service that includes the whole process from design, construction and supply of materials. making reliable house renovations accessible to all.

EPLUS Renovation have a specialised team of designers and project managers to help your dream home come to life. With years of experience in the industry, our house renovators also specialise in helping home investors make a good return on investment and ensure that we have used quality products that will withstand the test of time.


Standard 28-day delivery

Our standard delivery time offers you a certain completion date for your renovation. With our streamlined and home renovation process, we create a stress-free experience that gives you true peace of mind.


Factory-direct-to-consumer model, we partner with select brands to offer best prices for your source materials

High quality trades

We are dedicated to the highest standard of workmanship. Each of our qualified builders and preferred subcontractors have been selected for their individual standards of expertise and their commitment to excellence.

No hidden extras

We will provide you with a fixed price and time frame. Renovating your home with a fixed budget is surprisingly easy. We will make sure that everything you need to know is explained upfront and laid out clearly, so you will get all the clarity.

Quality assurance system

During the construction process, we implement a quality assurance system with five major check points. We will work together with you to check the quality of the renovation every step of the way.

Full range of design services

We provide full range of design services including interior design, material selection and construction drawings that cater to your needs. Through standardisation and attention to detail, we ensure the perfect re-imaging of your home.

EPLUS Renovation Package

Our unparalleled one-stop home renovation services provide the most economical, streamlined and practical outcome for your dream home.

EPLUS Renovation Management App

The EPLUS Renovation Management App reinvents the home renovation experience. With files, material lists and daily progress reports all in one place, the app will save you a lot of time. Our app presents this information right in your hand.


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